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La famiglia Gérard, a Cogne dal 1600 e albergatori da quattro generazioni, accoglie da sempre i suoi ospiti con la stessa genuinità e passione, trasmettendo i valori tipici di una vacanza nella Valle di Cogne, dalla buona cucina al contatto diretto con la natura, al puro relax.

A charming town at the foot of Gran Paradiso, Cogne has remained original and true to its roots over the years, whilst still meeting the infrastructure development needs of a famous holiday destination - without spoiling the natural surroundings. A dream destination for those who appreciate the benefits of life in the great outdoors combined with the comfort of top quality facilities. In Cogne visitors can recharge their batteries, immersing themselves in a timeless setting, discover unique local delicacies and work on their own well-being in exclusive spas. The Gérard family has lived in Cogne since the 17th century and been running hotels for four generations. Today they welcome their guests with the same care and authenticity as ever, in keeping with the true essence of a holiday in Cogne; from good food to close contact with nature - all in a state of complete relaxation


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Discover our Twin Hotel in Cogne
L'Hotel du Grand Paradis
and the exclusive Spa "La Baita"

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